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Super Dragon: Destruction DVD Review

Ever since 2013, I've been hooked on PWG. I've bought over 20 of their DVD's since then and continue to buy them. So last month when they released a compilation for one of the founders/owners of the company, Super Dragon, it was a must have for me. I had only seen two Super Dragon matches before buying this DVD, but I was eager to see more bouts from the career of the man behind one of the best wrestling companies in the world, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla.

This DVD features bouts from throughout Dragon's career in PWG, CZW, WXW, Revolution Pro, and GSCW. There are also a variety of opponents featured here. Some you may know include Kevin Steen, El Generico, Joey Ryan, The Young Bucks, Samoa Joe and Necro Butcher. This is bound to be an awesome DVD so let's get right into it!

1) Super Dragon vs. Bobby Quance - GSCW - December 14th, 2002
The first bout on this DVD is the SoCal Match of the Year for 2002 between Super Dragon and Bobby Quance. There are several matches on this DVD that don't take place in PWG and this is one of them. This bout took place in a company called GSCW. Alot of things here were similar to PWG though such as the fact that Rick Knox is the referee and we also get to hear Excalibur during the match, but not on commentary. Here he is managing Super Dragon and
does a good job of keeping him motivated throughout the bout as well as jawing with the fans. After a few minutes, it was clear that Dragon was a heel at this time along with Excalibur. They both did a wonderful job with their characters here. The crowd was behind Bobby Quance who I've seen compete once before in his one night only return in PWG back in 2009. This match was filled with stiff strikes including a vicious headbutt from Dragon to Quance that made me cringe. There was also a good bit of highflying such as Quance hitting a breathtaking shooting star press off the top turnbuckle onto Super Dragon & Excalibur and Dragon cutting a flip out of the ring onto Quance. This was a dramatic back and forth battle with alot of near falls. I was on the edge of my seat for the entire final 10 minutes or so. Just great stuff that is definitely MOTY worthy. Awesome start to this DVD.

Match rating - ****1/2

2) Super Dragon & B-Boy vs. Bobby Quance & Jardi Frantz - GSCW - March 29, 2003

After Dragon and Quance's epic performance, I had high expections for this match since it involved both of them. On top of that, I've seen Dragon and B-Boy team up before and they tore the house down so I was very excited. Needless to say, this lived up to expectations. Just a fantastic tag team match. This bout was selected as the 2003
Match of the Year for SoCal which just tells you how great it was. The early going was pretty basic with several singles exchanges, but soon all four men would become involved and this match would break down into utter chaos. There were multiple stalemates in which all four men were down after hitting an array of big moves on each other. Dragon & B-Boy got the best of the first exchange involving all four men and hit an epic move on Quance where they both dove from opposite turnbuckles onto him. Looked like a leg drop/senton combination, but I can't remember exactly. Quance & Frantz recovered however and managed to do something even more breath taking than Dragon & B-Boy - DOUBLE SHOOTING STAR PRESSES! Holy shit, that was awesome! Fantastic tag team match here.

Match rating - ***3/4

3) Super Dragon & B-Boy vs. The Briscoes - PWG Are You Adequately Prepared to Rock?! - October 4th, 2003

In my review of the previous match on this set, I talked about seeing Dragon & B-Boy team up before and loving it - this is the match I was referring to. I first saw this bout on PWG's "Sells Out 3" compilation and I really enjoyed it. With that being said, it was pretty fun going back and revisiting this bout. Looking back on it, it was very similar to the tag match B-Boy & Dragon had earlier on this set. Some nice mat/technical singles exchanges to start then it turns into mayhem. Great match.

Match rating - ***3/4

4) Super Dragon vs. Joey Ryan - Guerrilla Warfare Match - PWG An Inch Longer Than Average - November 15th, 2003

I had heard alot about the early Guerrilla Warfare matches in PWG so I was looking forward to seeing one of them for myself. This particular bout lived up to the expectations I had for it. Just like the Guerrilla Warfare matches that PWG puts on today, there were alot of innovative spots here. Dragon and Joey used chairs, ladders, and tables in ways I had never seen before. From Dragon dragging a rail into the ring and planting Joey through it with the Psycho Driver to Joey Ryan bridging a table across the top turnbuckle, standing on it and delivering a mustache ride to Dragon off it through another table - there were so many innovative spots that I can't remember them all. Beyond the spots, the selling was on point here especially from Super Dragon. He had his arm worked over early on and to the last second the match he sold the hell out of it. For instance, when he was dragging a railing from the ringside area to the ring, he kept dropping it as if he couldn't carry it, even asking Rick Knox to help him get it in the ring. Then he went for the Psycho Driver off the top rope, he barely used the injured arm to lift up Ryan. I've never seen such fantastic ring psychology in a hardcore match. Brilliant battle here in what was a star making performance for a young Joey Ryan.

Match rating - ****1/4

5) Super Dragon vs. TARO - Mask vs. Mask Match - Revolution Pro - November 29, 2003

I've been wanting to see the highly acclaimed series of bouts between Dragon and Taro from Rev Pro for a while so I was glad that one was included on this set. Just like my expectations were met with the Guerrilla Warfare match, my expectations were met in this mask vs mask match. Dragon is normally vicious in his matches, but he showcased a whole new level of viciousness here with a flurry of stiff kicks and slaps throughout. Even his Psycho Drivers looked more brutal than normal. This was a fantastic match from bell to bell. It featured a good mix of technical wrestling, highflying, and even a few nice spots such as Dragon throwing TARO over his head into chairs in the crowd. Alot of cool counters here as well such as TARO countering out of a Psycho Driver on the top turnbuckle with a hurricanrana. The finish of this match was great as Dragon continued playing the dickish heel by hitting a sick Psycho Driver then pulling TARO up after a count of two. Dragon puts TARO on the top rope and hits a Psycho Driver off the top rope to add insult to injury and 1..2.. TARO KICKS OUT! Dragon lays it on him for another minute or two until he ends the assault with a vicious lariat which earns him the victory. Dragon & TARO embrace after the match following the unmasking of TARO. Very cool moment after an awesome match.

Match rating - ****1/4

6) Super Dragon & "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson vs. Chris Bosh & Scott Lost - PWG Tango & Cash Invitational Night 2

Being a huge fan of Bryan Danielson, I was stoked to see him team up with Super Dragon here. Just like most of the bouts on this set, I had heard alot of good things about this match. Did it live up to expectations? Not really. But was it good? Definitely. I've seen some people call this a MOTY candidate and while this is a really good match, I just don't think that's the case. None the less, let's not dwell on my disagreement with other's opinions because it makes this match look bad when its completely the opposite. Alot of fantastic technical wrestling in the early going of the match and it stayed that way for a while throughout. There were some nice spots sprinkled in such as Lost & Ryan drop kicking the Dragon's into the crowd. Dragon literally mowed this guy over in a chair, it was hilarious. Then Danielson has his leg stuck in a chair and he keeps kicking trying to get it off. Funny stuff, cool spot. Danielson & Dragon worked great together and showcased some sick double team moves such as Dragon doing a double stomp on Lost while Danielson had him spread across his knees. My favorite exchange however was between Joey Ryan and Super Dragon. Dragon went on a rampage with his chop/elbow combo in the corner then hit a snap mare and began viciously kicking and headbutting Joey. Joey fights back and starts doing Dragon's chop/elbow strike combo in the corner on Dragon himself. Dragon fights back and the two begin trading lariats. Dragon gets dropped on his head and pops back up, DISCUS LARIAT FROM DRAGON TO JOEY, Ryan is turned inside out! Both men down. Awesome exchange. Really good tag match.

Match rating - ***1/2

7) Super Dragon vs. Babi Slymm - Revolution Pro - March 6th, 2004

Here we have another match from Revolution Pro. In this bout, Super Dragon faces off against Babi Slymm who is someone I'm not familar with although I've seen his name on a couple of early PWG shows. Turns out Slymm is a pretty big dude, very muscular. With that being said, I expected this to be a very hard hitting match and that's just what it was. Just like all the other matches on this set, Dragon brought his A game and put in a great performance. Slymm impressed as well as he gave Dragon one hell of a fight. I had no idea what to expect here since I had never seen Babi Slymm compete, but this turned out to be a very good match.

Match rating - ***1/2

8) Bonus Match: Super Dragon vs. Rising Son - 2/3 Falls Match - Spirit of the Revolution Finals - Revolution Pro - July 14th, 2001

While browsing through the DVD menu, I found a question mark at the end of the match selection display. Clicking on it reveals a bonus match. There is one on each disc of this set so look out for that if you buy this. This particular match took place in 2001 in Revolution Pro. I didn't even know that it was a 2/3 Falls Match until Dragon scored a pinfall early and I heard them announce him as the winner of the first fall. None the less, this was a fantastic match. I can't rave enough about how much I enjoyed it. It was built up so perfectly with neither man going for or hitting their finishers in the first two falls. They kept it basic early on with alot of technical/chain wrestling, but it still featured some good back and forth action. By the time, the third fall rolled around, the bout had been going for just over 10 minutes and this is when they began to turn the heat up. The first breathtaking moment came when Dragon took Rising Son to the outside, tied his legs up, grabbed his arms, and swung him repeatedly head first into the wall. Wow! This was the start of what I took to be Dragon softening up Rising Son for the Psycho Driver. The two go back in the ring and Dragon keeps working over the neck/head with an array of suplexes. Rising Son fought back though and hit some impressive manuevers of his own such as a jawdropping reverse hurricanrana off the top turnbuckle that planted Dragon's head into the mat. Another thing I loved about this match was the crowd. They began calling for the Psycho Driver during the second fall and the two competitors built this bout up so greatly that when Dragon finally hit the Psycho Driver about 25 minutes in during the third fall - the crowd came unglued! This was a small audience, but nearly everyone jumped to their feet when Dragon finally hit it. Such a great reaction. But the biggest reaction of the night came when Rising Son somehow managed to KICK OUT of the Psycho Driver. Jeez, that was such a close near fall. This was an awesome match that was much better than I anticipated considering I had never heard of Rising Son. Needless to say, I was impressed. I had heard alot about Dragon's work in Rev Pro and it's definitely living up to the hype. The match with Taro earlier in the set and this bout were both amazing. Great stuff.

Match rating - ****1/2


9) Super Dragon & Excalibur vs. Chris Bosh & Quicksilver - PWG The Musical - April 17th, 2004

Excalibur and Chris Bosh are talking trash to each other before this one even got started so I knew this would be great. Their verbal exchange was pretty hilarious might I add. That set the stage for a quality tag team match. It was clear that Chris Bosh & Quicksilver were the heels here as they executed alot of villianous antics throughout the match. Bosh in particular really impressed me because he was so annoying with the things he was saying on the apron during the match, that I just wanted to see Super Dragon clobber him. And that's what a heel is supposed to. Bosh was gold during this match, verbally and physically. As for Dragon, Excalibur, and Quicksilver - they were great here as well. All four men worked well together and produced a number of fantastic exchanges that meshed together to create one hell of a tag team contest. PWG has always had an outstanding tag team division and that was showcased here. Awesome match.

Match rating - ***3/4

10) Super Dragon vs. Excalibur vs. B-Boy vs. Bobby Quance - CZW High Stakes 2 - September 11th, 2004

This is the first match on the set that took place in CZW and it's a fourway involving four SoCal/PWG veterans going at it. I was stoked for this one! We got some pretty solid exchanges to start off as only two men were allowed to be legal at the same time unlike Fatal Four Ways in WWE where all four men are in the ring at the same time. Dragon & B-Boy's exchange was my favorite. I'm a fan of striking and they are two of the best at it so I watching them go back and forth in the early going was very fun. Bobby Quance had a very good showing here as well. His chemistry with Super Dragon showed here during a fantastic exchange that reminded me of their classic match that was featured earlier on this DVD. Excalibur provided for the first "Holy shit!" moment of the match as he cut a flip over the top rope onto Super Dragon sending them over the railing into the crowd. That was the start of an absolutely awesome sequence in which all four men were in the ring. Overall, this was a fantastic four way match.

Match rating - ***3/4

11) Super Dragon vs. Joey Ryan - 60 Minute Iron Man Match - PWG Use Your Illusion IV

I'm not normally a big fan of Iron Man Matches, especially 60 minute ones. These type matches can either be really good or really bad, thankfully this was the latter. Dragon and Joey spent the first 20 minutes or so putting on a technical showcase. Both guys seemingly targeted the other's legs, so we got alot of submissions early on. It was pretty back and forth until just past the 20 minute mark when Dragon delivered an onslaught of offense to Joey that ended up scoring him 3 pinfalls. This impressive flurry included a psycho driver, some vicious lariats, a sick curb stomp on the gym floor, and a crazy corkscrew backflip off the top rope that was unlike anything I've ever seen Dragon do. Around the 35-40 minute mark, Joey caught Dragon off guard and rolled him up for a quick three count making it 3-1. Ryan began fighting to catch up at this point as he was down 2 falls and needed to get 3 to win and there was only 20 minutes left. Joey went back to work on Dragon's leg and locked him in the figure four, but Dragon got the ropes. Joey then took Dragon to the top rope and hit the duff drop (now known as the mustache ride) after several attempts earlier in the match. This earns Joey another pinfall and he once again goes after the leg of Dragon in an attempt to tie things up. With around 10 minutes left, Dragon taps out to the figure four leg lock. We're tied up with under 10 minutes to go! Joey ends up taking Dragon to the apron where he hits the mustache ride to the floor spiking Dragon's head on the floor. Holy shit! That was one of the most breathtaking, dangerous spots I've ever seen. This match has been built up perfectly to that massive climax with only a few minutes left. After that hellacious spot, both men make it back in the ring just as the 60 minute time limit expires. Referee Rick Knox calls for the bout to go to sudden death which means first pinfall or submission wins! Joey finally covers Dragon after that vicious spot, but he kicks out! Joey continues targeting the neck though as he hits a german suplex on Dragon, but Super Dragon returns the favor. They exchange suplexes in the middle of the ring which leads to Dragon hitting the Psycho Driver on Joey! 1..2..HE KICKED OUT! Dragon takes things to the outside and finishes Joey off with a jawdropping psycho driver on the floor! That move earns Dragon the victory. Wow, this was one hell of a match. I'm not that familar with early PWG, but just based on the two Joey/Dragon matches featured on this set, their feud is definitely one of the best in PWG history. Just like in their Guerrilla Warfare match, the ring psychology here was tremendous. The way they layed out this match was brilliant and the time flew by. This was an outstanding match and an early PWG classic that needs to be seen by fans of the current product.

Match rating - ****1/4

12) Super Dragon vs. Jack Evans - Pro Wrestling War - November 12th, 2004

Jack Evans starts talking shit to Dragon early on in the match saying "The only Dragon I know is the American Dragon, who are you?" WHOA! Evans continued with the verbal jabs and even got a bit of advantage during the match, but he soon paid for his insults as Dragon unleashed a fury of stiff offense on the highflyer. These two have very different styles, but they meshed extremely well together. Some cool spots include Evans doing hand stand flips across the ring and trying to catch Dragon in a hurricanarana, but Dragon plants him on his head with a piledriver type manuever. The action never slowed down in this one and it was very fun to watch. Great match.

Match rating - ***3/4

13) Super Dragon & Excalibur vs. Kevin Steen & El Generico - CZW Cage of Death VI - December 11th, 2004
This match came about based off two fourway matches that took place at CZW's High Stakes 2 event. The first of which is featured on this set and it saw Super Dragon beat out Excalibur, Bobby Quance, and B-Boy. The other four way featured some competitors from IWS in Canada, two of those men being El Generico & Kevin Steen. So, CZW took the two best men from each fourway and placed them in a tag match against each other. It's a pretty cool coincidence that at the time this was considered SoCal vs. IWS, but soon these four men would become the focal point of PWG. I love seeing older matches like this, such nostalgia. That's not the only thing this match had though because it was absolutely awesome. Dragon & Excalibur isolate Generico early on, but Steen gets the hot tag after awhile and things go batshit crazy from there. Generico hits a huge dive to the outside on Dragon & Excalibur followed by a front flip off the top turnbuckle to the outside by Steen. The final 10 minutes of this match featured so many jaw dropping moments that I won't even try to name them all. One of the most memorable ones was Super Dragon hitting an array of suplexes on Generico, all of which dropped him on his neck. The other one that stood out saw Excalibur hit a release german suplex on Steen off the top turnbuckle which was breathtaking in itself, but to make things even more epic, Generico runs across the ring and hits a diving dropkick on Excalibur who is hanging from the top rope. An amazing sequence that left all four men down. This was one awesome tag team match that was loaded with action. Some may say I'm overrating this, but I really enjoyed it.

Match rating - ****

14) Super Dragon vs. Samoa Joe - PWG All Nude Revue - February 10th, 2005

This is one match on the DVD that I was most looking forward to as a big fan of Samoa Joe, but unfortunately this was the biggest let down on the DVD as the match ended in a countout victory for Dragon. The match was very good while it lasted, but the finish ruined it for me. I understand the significance of it though because after the match, the imposter Super Dragon attacked Dragon after the match.

Match rating - **3/4

15) Super Dragon vs. El Generico - WXW - March 20, 2005

While this wasn't as good as the CZW tag match that these two were involved in earlier in the set, it was still a great match because you can't go wrong with Dragon or Generico. The chemistry these guys had in the tag match was showcased once again here. I can't remember any particular spots in the match that stood out considering I watched this match along with several others before reviewing instead of watching it then reviewing it individually, but this was a damn good match. The outstanding performance you would expect from both guys.

Match rating - ***1/2

16) BONUS MATCH: Super Dragon vs. TARO - Revolution Pro

After seeing these two put on a classic earlier in this set, I was eager to see more of their matches from RevPro. Thankfully, I got my wish as this match was a bonus on the second disc of the DVD. The bout starts off with Dragon and TARO trading chops then the two turn to more of a catch as catch can style exchange that ends with TARO giving Dragon a hurricanrana off the apron to the floor. The match took an odd turn after this point as Dragon hit a Psycho Driver very early on which was weird to see considering how long this one ended up going. Despite that these two still put together one hell of a match that was reminiscent of their first encounter featured on this set. There were alot of jaw dropping counters such as TARO countering out of a Psycho Driver on the top rope and hitting Dragon with a hurricanrana. TARO ended up going for another rana off the top turnbuckle, but Dragon astonishingly countered it into a spinning powerbomb! That was awesome! And so was this match. By seeing these two compete together twice on this DVD, I've come to the conclusion that they can't have a bad match together. The chemistry is there and it shows everytime they square off. Outstanding match.

Match rating - ****

17) Super Dragon vs. Excalibur - Guerrilla Warfare Match - PWG: Jason Takes PWG

After years of being tag team partners, two founding fathers of PWG go at it here in a Guerrilla Warfare Match. The two provided fans with an entertaining brawl that saw various spots with ladders and chairs. It was good while it lasted, but it had a screwy finish because just like in the Samoa Joe match, the imposter Super Dragon hit the ring. This was a Guerrilla Warfare match though so his interference didn't call for a DQ. The fake Super Dragon helps Excalibur pick up the win and then reveals himself to be Kevin Steen. Awesome moment. Good match.

Match rating - ***1/4

18) Super Dragon vs. Chris Bosh - CZW Best of the Best V

This was a first round match in the 2005 Best of the Best Tournament put on by Combat Zone Wrestling. With it being a first round match, it didn't last too long, but it was entertaining while it lasted. Both guys went full speed the entire time and produced a solid tournament match. Good addition to the set considering that it sets the stage for the next bout on the DVD.

Match rating - ***

19) Super Dragon vs. El Generico - CZW Best of the Best V

This is the second match between these two that is featured on this DVD. I really enjoyed their first bout which took place in WXW, but I'm inclined to say that I enjoyed this one even more. They did some of the same spots and the wrestling was just as awesome, but this one had a sense of drama and high importance where as their other encounter didn't. That's what pushed it over the top for me. Dragon and Generico went at it with all they had in hopes of advancing in the Best of the Best tournament. Great match!

Match rating - ****

20) Super Dragon vs. Quicksilver - PWG: Zombies Shouldn't Run - August 6th, 2005

This is the second of only two bouts on this set that I had seen before. I remember watching this bout when I first discovered PWG so it was fun taking a trip back down memory lane. The early going of the match saw Dragon & Quicksilver stay on the mat, but Dragon soon took total control of the match. Dragon controlled the bout for a good ten minutes which got a bit dull at times, but his hilarious heel antics kept it entertaining. Quicksilver fought back and the two produced one hell of a final stretch that included several nice spots such as Quicksilver hitting a sunset flip powerbomb off the top turnbuckle that sent Dragon from the apron to the floor. Solid match that showcases how fantastic Dragon is as a heel.

Match rating - ***1/4

 21) Super Dragon vs. Kevin Steen - Guerrilla Warfare - PWG Astonishing X Mas - December 16th, 2005

I've had many people recommend this match to me and I've seen it named as the best match in the early years of PWG so I was eager to see it for myself. Steen and Dragon come out of the gate firing on all cylinders as Steen attacks Dragon at the entrance way. The two trade shots throughout the crowd and throw each other into chairs. There was a big fight atmosphere in this one right from the get go. Some hardcore matches just seem like spots for the sake of spots, but this one felt like a real fight. Dragon & Steen took some of the roughest bumps I've ever seen, especially on the outside where they suplexed each other on the gymnasium floor and you could hear their backs splat against the wood every time. There were a variety of weapons involved including chairs, thumbtacks, tables, and barbwire boards. Steen took a psycho driver off the apron through a table then a psycho driver into thumbtacks and one of the barbwire boards before Dragon finally put him away. Amazing match, very brutal, must see!

Match rating - ****1/2

22) Super Dragon & Davey Richards vs. Roderick Strong & Jack Evans - PWG Hollywood Globetrotters - March 4th, 2006

Richards and Strong start the bout off with a nice technical exchange. After several minutes of going at it, they tag their partners in. Dragon & Evans tore the house down earlier in this set with their match at PWW, so I was excited to see them go at it again here. Evans used the same tactics he did in their previous encounter by talking trash and trying to outquick Dragon, but Dragon made him pay on several occassions. The majority of the match saw Richards & Dragon isolate Evans and/or Strong. The bout was kept a pretty methodical pace except for some quick exchanges every now and then. At one point, I wondered whether this bout would ever really pick up, but I soon realized how tremendously well this match was built up when these four men put together a fantastic action packed closing sequence that felt epic because of how methodical the bout was up until that point. Not your typical spotty match. Really good tag bout.

Match rating - ***1/2

23) Super Dragon vs. Necro Butcher - No DQ Match - PWG 2006 Battle of Los Angeles Night 2

This bout headed to the outside early on as both men went flying into chairs. Necro got busted open a few minutes into the match after some vicious chair shots from Dragon. The two brought tables into the mix, but unfortauntely both of the spots were botched as the table crumbled under them on the outside and in the ring, Dragon had to go for a backdrop drive type manuever on Butcher twice and the table still barely broke. Anti-climatic moments like that held this one back from being great. This was still a pretty fun watch because Dragon and Necro are both naturally stiff so they beat the shit out of each other. The final spot was awesome as well. Dragon hit a psycho driver on Necro onto a chair that's standing up in the ring. Decent match with some cool spots.

Match rating - ***1/4

 24) Super Dragon & Kevin Steen vs. The Young Bucks - Guerrilla Warfare Match - PWG Fear 2011

Before the match, footage was shown of Dragon's epic return at Steen Wolf in 2011 and I still got chills when watching it. Steen Wolf was the second PWG show I ever saw and admittingly is one of the reasons I got hooked on the company. Unfortunately, by the time I saw Steen Wolf, Fear had already gone out of print so I wasn't able to see this match - UNTIL NOW! So here we go! This one was nuts from the opening bell as The Bucks brawl with Steen & Dragon on the outside. As with any match involving these four, this was fantastic. Alot of innovative and jaw dropping spots that were executed to perfection such as a frogsplash off the top rope to the outside putting Dragon through a table and my favorite of them all - Dragon hitting the Psycho Driver on Matt Jackson off the apron through a table. Awesome match that lived up to the hype.

Match rating - ****

25) BONUS MATCH: Super Dragon vs. TNT - 2/3 Falls Match - AWF - Sydney, Australia - 1999

The earliest Dragon match featured on this set up until this point was in 2001 so I was very interested to seeing a Dragon match from all the way back in 1999. This was a pretty basic match, but both guys worked well together and created a nice 10-15 minute match. A bit short for a 2/3 Falls Match, however it was still fun to watch. Nice rare bonus match. Very cool to see a bout from this early in Dragon's career.

Match rating - **3/4

Final thoughts: Going into this DVD set, I had high expectations considering all the good things that I had heard about some of the matches on here and I'll say right off the bat that my expectations were met. All the matches that I expected to be awesome were awesome such as the PWG bouts vs Joey Ryan and the Guerilla Warfare matches. The only bout that was a bit of a disappointment was the Samoa Joe match and that's only because it didn't have a decisive finish. All the matches that I had heard so much about such as the Rev Pro bouts with Taro and the early bouts with Bobby Quance both lived up to the hype. On top of the matches that lived up to the hype, there were some that I had no idea what to expect and they turned out to be fantastic such as the Rising Son match from Rev Pro and alot of the CZW matches considering I'd never seen CZW before. This set is filled with some of Super Dragon's most outstanding performances and I think it's something every PWG fan should own. After watching this DVD, you will realize why PWG is so awesome today because the man behind it was a highly underrated performer and this DVD showcases that. Even if you've never seen PWG or watched Super Dragon compete, I'd argue to say that this would be a worthy purchase because Dragon isn't a one dimensional wrestler. You get alot of styles thrown into one here. From lucha to technical wrestling to puroresu to hardcore stuff - there's a little bit of everything mixed in here. With that being said, this DVD gets a high recommendation from me. It's a fantastic set that showcases arguably one of the best Indepedent Wrestlers of the early-mid 2000's and the mastermind behind one of the greatest Indepedent Wrestling companies in the world today, PWG. This is definitely something I'm going to keep in my collection for a long, long time. Now, go ahead and get a copy for yourself!

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